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How To Choose New Carpet Wisely

By Alan Fletcher - Carpet Expert and Consumer Advocate


Take advantage of my 30+ years of experience in the carpet business!


Avoiding Common Carpet Buying Mistakes


Most homeowners think they will receive a fair and square deal when buying new carpet or flooring. Few do.


Selecting the perfect carpet used to be a relatively quick and simple process, but it is more complicated today than ever before. Sadly, many consumers end up spending hundreds of dollars more than they need to, and often end up with much less then they bargained for. Consumers need free and unfettered access to unbiased carpet buying advice. 


Carpet specifications are getting harder to obtain and many carpet salespeople cannot be trusted to offer unbiased and useful carpet buying advice. 



Local Carpet Retailers


While there are many reputable carpet retailers, there are just as many carpet dealers that should be avoided. Why? Because they prey on the unsuspecting homeowner who has not done their carpet buying homework. 


Buying carpet from the wrong carpet retailer could cost you thousands. Many so-called wholesale carpet dealers are nothing more than wolves in sheep's clothing and virtually any consumer could fall prey to their carpet scams. 


Unscrupulous carpet retailers need to sell their low-quality products to stay in business and unsuspecting consumers are often left holding the bag.  The products they sell, suggest or recommend, are often not what the consumer needs to meet their needs, goals, lifestyle or budget. 


There are so many common carpet scams where the consumer can be taken advantage of. 


Here are a few....



Some Common Carpet Scams are:

  • Excessive mark-up on materials and/or labor, 

  • Selling inferior or second-grade materials, 

  • Recommending improper materials for consumer need or lifestyle,

  • Selling defective materials without disclosure,

  • Deliberately over-measuring or claiming more material is required than is actually needed.

  • Using unqualified carpet installers



Are You Planning to Buy Carpet soon?


Times have changed, and even if you have shopped or purchased carpet recently, you need to be very cautious. You are entering into a realm where buying carpet is becoming more complicated than ever before. 


For consumers to be completely successful when buying carpet, there are five basic elements that must be done 100% correctly or the carpet will fail to perform as hoped or intended.


  • Select a carpet that will meet your needs and lifestyle.

  • Select the correct padding.

  • Have the carpet installed properly.  

  • Maintain the carpet correctly.

  • Use correct carpet cleaning procedures.



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