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Why is Buying New Carpet So Confusing?

By Alan Fletcher - Carpet Expert and Consumer Advocate


Here are just a few of the many ways that you could become a victim of a Carpet Scam by not doing your carpet homework or by making poor carpet buying choices. 


1. Overpaying for Materials and Labor 

Any Carpet or flooring retailer can easily overcharge homeowners for materials and labor. There are so many ways that you can be scammed and end up over-paying for materials and labor.  Learn about Common Carpet Scams


2. Unsuitable or Poor Quality Materials 

Retail salespeople often recommend unsuitable or low-quality products to consumers. Some salespeople do not care if you buy a carpet that can meet your needs and goals. All they care about is making the sale so they can earn a commission. This is particularly true when it comes to those retailers who offer a Shop-At-Home Service. They hope to close the sale within an hour or two after they have measured your home and shown you a number of samples. This does not give you enough time to determine if the deal is fair and square. This does not give you enough time to compare their offer with other offers that you may be able to consider. Beware of those retailers that are willing to drop their price significantly when you tell them that the price is way too much. If the price is $5000 and you say that you can't afford it, then they instantly drop the price to $4500? That's when you need reconsider


3. Before you buy any carpet or flooring product, read the manufacturers warranty!

Don't expect the retailer to provide you with warranty information. Manufacturers and retailers often fail to provide easy-to-understand, clear and complete product information to help consumers to make educated and informed selections. You can't blindly trust carpet salespeople to inform you about warranty limitations. You also should never blindly allow any salesperson to make your carpet or flooring choices for you. If you do, you can't go back later and hold them accountable for selections they may have suggested to you. YOU are ultimately responsible for the outcome for any purchases you make regardless of what the salesperson may have suggested or recommended to you. This is why you need to do your homework BEFORE you make any carpet or flooring selections.


4. The Carpet Sample Private Label Scam. 

Manufacturers help retailers by allowing them to use of private-labels to discourage and prevent consumers from easy comparison shopping. They simply change the style name and color of the carpet to confound consumers who would like to compare prices with other nearby carpet retailers.  This makes it very hard to compare apples to apples and for you to know if you are getting a fair and square deal. Learn more about Private Labels on Carpet Samples and how you can comparison shop effectively.


5. Purchasing In-Stock Rolls of Carpet or Vinyl Flooring Products. 

Retailers often fail to disclose second-grade or defective material information to the consumer. When you buy in-stock flooring products, they may have unknown manufacturing defects. Most in-stock flooring products do not have any warranty coverage so it is sold to you as-is, where-is. You are often required to pay a fee to have it transported from the retailer to your home.


6. No Warranty information Supplied to Consumers After Purchase.

Carpet manufacturers and some flooring retailers often fail to provide readily available, clear and concise, easy to understand warranty, maintenance and warranty claim information. This means if you have a carpet complaint or concern, you will have to jump through a number of difficult hoops to be able to make a clear case to prove your claim. In many cases, the carpet manufacturer will deny your claim due to your own negligence. 


Learn more about How to Care for Your New Carpet 


7. Unrealistic Carpet Rating Systems. 

To try to convince you that their flooring products are a wise choice, they have created a phony rating system that claims to provide consumers with a realistic value of their flooring products based upon a standard representation of a typical family of four. Does this make sense to you?


There are many Carpet and Flooring manufacturers that continue to fail to provide true-to-life carpet wear-rating values or other key consumer information that should be readily available to all consumers and based on various and diverse types of consumer applications. They claim to use current rating values based on a typical "family of four" scenario. This is not a realistic rating system and cannot or should not be used to make a wise and informed carpet or flooring selection.  What is the PAR carpet rating system?



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