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Common Carpet Sales Gimmicks

By Alan Fletcher - Carpet Expert and Consumer Advocate



Another factor that contributes to this potentially bad "advice from a salesperson" problem is that there are many factory incentives and frequent sales contests offered to retailers and salespeople that include cash bonuses, paid vacations or trips, and many other prizes for selling large quantities of a certain flooring product. 


Similarly, if a dealer has an opportunity to purchase a large quantity of a particular carpet or flooring product at a special discounted price, they may require that their salespeople urge and even recommend this product to their customers.



"A sly carpet salesperson may encourage you to buy a certain type or style of carpet just to win a sales contest!



Anyone could become a victim under any of these circumstances and end up with carpet or other flooring products (padding) that doesn't meet their needs or perform the way they may had hoped or expected. You could easily waste thousands of dollars just by selecting the wrong carpet or padding. 

Consumers need access to honest and accurate advice in order to make wise and informed carpet buying decisions. 


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