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Carpet Scams: What You Need to Know

By Alan Fletcher - Carpet Expert and Consumer Advocate


How to choose wisely, save money and avoid common mistakes.


I bet you are planning to buy new carpet soon, that's why you are surfing the internet looking for useful carpet information. I don't sell or install carpet anymore, I retired in 2005 after 30-years in the carpet business. Now I am a consumer rights advocate and I enjoy helping homeowners learn about how to buy new carpet wisely, save time and money and avoid common pitfalls. 


So if you are looking for honest and unbiased carpet buying information, look no further, you have found the absolute best source of honest carpet buying information available on the internet. My first piece of advice for you... slow down, take your time, read all my free articles. I am here to help you choose your new carpet wisely, save Money, and avoid being ripped off!



How to Save Money and Avoid the Carpet Scams

Every time we turn on the news we hear about people being tricked out of their hard-earned money or scammed in some way. Scams are everywhere, even in the carpet business!. The sad part is, most consumers think it will never happen to them. Wake up people! Everyday there are thousands of crooks and thieves looking through your trash hoping to steal your identity, they will steal your car, burglarize your home and rob your business if they have the opportunity. They often send you phony e-mails to try to fool you into revealing your account passwords to them. 


If you don't know what to watch out for, these criminals will try to snatch your purse or pickpocket your wallet, or they will steal from you any way they can. They are relentless and they are everywhere. They are very clever, they will wait in the shadows and watch what you do and look for your weaknesses. They will never stop trying to steal your things and will rob you blind unless you take measures to educate and protect yourself and your loved ones.


It gets worse! Many businesses have the ability to steal or rob from you legally, because you allow them to steal from you or charge you more than is necessary. 


They are crooks too, but you are the one giving them the power to legally steal from you! Here are some of the common scams from the past few years that you might be familiar with...


  • Banking / ATM fees scams

  • Extended warranties scams

  • Mobile phone insurance scams

  • Identity theft scams

  • Phishing scams

  • Computer Viruses, Worms and Trojans

  • Lottery scams

  • Discount medical plan scams

  • Work at Home scams

  • Classified ad scams

  • Sweepstakes scams

  • Phony fuel-saving device scams


Everyone knows about sly used car salespeople, and everyone knows that you shouldn't trust anything they say, but people still do. Everyone knows that they will try to sell you lemons for top dollar and give you peanuts for your trade-in. Yet people still fall for their tricks. How many times have you heard jokes about used car sales people? Countess. The same goes for Lawyers. They often call Lawyers "ambulance chasers" Heard a good Lawyer joke lately? Everyone has. Nobody likes getting a letter from a lawyer.


"In today's world, every consumer must have access to the latest up-to-date information and advice to guard themselves against thieves, con-artists, rip-offs and scams."


I've been a consumer advocate for 20 years. I get hundreds of e-mails from people who have been ripped off buying carpet. There are dozens of common carpet scams that you need to know about and watch out for. Some common, some not so common. 


I can help you avoid falling prey to most of them. I can help you be successful at buying carpet from start to finish and make wise and informed choices. You might think buying new carpet is a simple or easy task. Maybe because you have bought carpet before and were successful. 


Let me tell you, times have changed and buying new carpet is not the same as it was 5 or 10 years ago. Keeping up with all the latest carpet scams is a full time job for me. 7 days a week. You really need my help to buy carpet wisely, but you might not be aware of that fact right now. You can go it alone and find out the hard way or you can read on. 



The Real Numbers

Selecting the right carpet is absolutely crucial. From my personal calculations, about 16% of the e-mails I get are from people who have bought the wrong carpet and now believe they (in some way) have been ripped off. Now, they want me to advise them as to what they can do now to somehow correct the problems they have. For most, it's already too late. They made a poor choice. For many, their carpet ends up looking horrible after only a year or two. 


What you need to know; If you are unhappy with your carpet in some way, there is seldom any recourse or refund or remedy that is available to satisfy you. If you complain, they will tell you that you have not chosen wisely and you are ultimately responsible for your poor choices regardless of what the salesperson told you. 


Who is at fault for your carpet complaint?


Unless you buy from a Reputable Carpet Dealer you can expect to get little or no service after the sale. When your carpet goes bad and you call to complain about it, no one you will contact wants to accept responsibility. They will always blame someone else. The manufacturer blames the installer. The installer blames the manufacturer. The retailer doesn't return your phone calls. Even if they do, they tell you it's out of their hands. Consumers are left with nothing but a worn out carpet and no recourse whatsoever. They have spent thousands of dollars and now they have ugly carpet and no money to replace it. It's a common tragedy. Don't let this happen to you. 


What I am telling you is true. The consumers I mentioned truly thought they knew enough about buying carpet. Still, they were scammed and lost hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. They also did not read my ebook before buying carpet. They didn't think they needed it. But many write to me later and ask me to help them with their carpet problems. Sometimes I can help, most often I cannot. If they would have read this page and believed what I have to say, they would not have a problem to fix. They would be enjoying their beautiful new carpet and the money they would have saved.


Large Carpet Retailers and Corporately Owned Carpet Resellers are the worst are far as I am concerned. They will tell you that a carpet will last 10 years, 15 years, 20 years or more. The truth is, the carpet they sell you may not last for 5 years. Many carpets are designed to wear out in a hurry and if you buy one of them you will be very unhappy. You will be charged top dollar for poor quality materials. 


The worst part is, there is no absolutely recourse for you. You won't get your money back. Once you buy it, you cannot return it. Your hard earned money will be thrown down the drain. If you buy new carpet from an unscrupulous carpet retailer you may be the next victim of a carpet scam. It doesn't have to go like this, you can avoid these problems.


You are a smart shopper right? That's why you are searching the internet looking for information. When you shop for carpet I'm sure you'll ask a lot of great questions and you'll think you've made a smart choices in the end. But how long will it be before you find out you've made a mistake?  Maybe you will not the victim of a carpet scam, maybe your problem is caused from a lack of information or misinformation. Maybe you paid too much, maybe it was installed wrong, maybe the pad is unsuitable. 


Maybe you bought a carpet that cannot withstand the amount of traffic your home has. The carpet looked good, it felt good, the warranty looked good, the cost seemed reasonable (at first), and you trusted the salesperson's advice. What could possible go wrong you think? 


Any number of things can go wrong. Here is one common scenario that plays out in thousands of homes every month. George and Mary searched the internet for information, took their time and still got the shaft. But it all could have been avoided. 


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