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Do Your Carpet Homework!

Alan Fletcher - Carpet Expert and Consumer Advocate


Why do so many consumers choose carpet blindly?


What is the real problem? It is very difficult for consumers to locate honest, truthful and complete information about the carpets they are considering. 


Many consumers tend to completely trust the advice of the carpet salesperson. That's the first and biggest mistake many consumers make. 


New carpet is a major homeowner investment and extreme care should be taken to ensure that wise and informed choices are made. Consumers often follow the advice of a carpet salesperson who recommends a carpet without taking into consideration all the pertinent aspects of the consumers personal lifestyle and living situation. Sometimes with a whole lot of luck that might work out and everything will turn out alright, but all too often it is a very costly mistake. 


I am concerned with the fact that a large percentage of flooring salespeople may not know or have access to complete or accurate product information to be qualified to recommend the right flooring choices for consumers. 



Where do salespeople get their training and information? 

They get it from the carpet manufacturer and the retailer. Both of these sources may not have your best interests in mind. They want to get your business and will do whatever they can to accomplish that. This is why they spend millions every year on advertising. Who ultimately pays for this advertising?


If you really want to buy a carpet that will last and endure your personal application and circumstances, you have a responsibility to learn the truth about the materials you are buying. If you trust a salesperson to make your decisions, you are taking your chances.



Protect yourself and your investment! 

Don't trust any carpet salesperson to make all the decisions for you. You will need to do some research and homework in order to make wise choices. You need to be sure to buy carpet that is designed to meet your needs and your lifestyle.



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Alan's Preferred Carpet Dealers

It's getting hard to find a reputable carpet dealer these days! That's why I've created a special hand-picked list of over 400 locally owned Carpet Dealers who offer Free estimates, fair prices, knowledgeable staff, honest measuring and qualified installers. 

Recommended Carpet Dealers Near You!



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