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How to Choose Carpet Like A Pro!

Alan Fletcher - 30-Year Carpet Expert and Consumer Advocate


Consumers who are in need of new carpet are often misinformed, mislead, overcharged or sold the wrong flooring materials for their needs or lifestyle. 


The problem is, there are just too many flooring salespeople that are willing to tell you just about anything in order to persuade you to buy from them. 


Why? It's due to the fact that most carpet salespeople are not paid by the hour or on salary, they are paid on sales commissions. For them, no sale means no pay, and the need to make money can easily cause many salespeople to sacrifice integrity. That means they may tell you what you want to hear even if it is not true, just to make a sale.  


Carpet Scams - What you need to Know

It's a sad fact that many consumers buy carpet that they know little or nothing about. They may be able to recall how much they paid for their new carpet, but they often have no idea what type of fiber the carpet is made of, or what grade of padding was selected. 


Very few consumers have adequate knowledge about the carpet they purchased to know whether or not it will endure their needs and lifestyle or longevity expectations. It doesn't take long for most homeowners to discover that the carpet they selected will not last as long as anticipated. In fact, most homeowners expect new carpet to last for at least ten years but often find it fails to retain a "like-new appearance" for more than three to five years. Why does this happen? 


Carpet is not constructed as well as it was in the 60's and 70's. A medium grade carpet could easily last 20-30 years before it would wear out. Today, carpet manufacturers sell at least 10 different grades of carpet to accommodate every type of carpet need. There are low-end carpets designed for apartments, medium grades for those who want a carpet to last for 7 to 12 years, and high-end grades for those who want carpet to last 15 to 25 years and are willing to pay for it. 


Selecting the right grade of carpet is not an easy task if you don't have adequate information about the carpet in question. You need full access to the carpet specifications. What are carpet specifications? 


The main specs are: Fiber Type, Pile Face-Weight, Pile Height, Pile Density and Tuft Twist. If you don't know what these specs are, then you are buying blind. 


Learn more about Carpet Specifications


So... what grade of carpet will tolerate your needs and lifestyle? That's where it get more difficult. You see, unless you know what amount of wear the carpet is designed to accommodate, how can you make a wise choice?



Is your salesperson working for you or against you?

Selecting carpet takes time and must be approached with the utmost care and concern.


Unless the carpet salesperson asks you a lot of questions about your home, about your family and pets, and about your short and long-term flooring goals in an honest attempt to help you select the right product to serve your needs and lifestyle, you should assume that they are interested in nothing more than their next paycheck. In that case they will likely applaud any selection you might make regardless of it being a wise selection for you or not. 


Why is Buying Carpet so Confusing?



What Grade Of Carpet Do You Require?

Take my free Carpet Foot-Traffic Test to help determine What Grade of Carpet can meet your needs and goals. You can't choose new carpet wisely unless you select a carpet that is capable of withstanding your own unique level of foot-traffic. I have created a simple test you can take to help you determine your own level of foot traffic based on several critical variables.



Alan's Preferred Carpet Dealers


It's getting harder to find a reputable Carpet Dealer! That's why I've spent countless hours building my own special hand-picked list of locally-owned Carpet Dealers nationwide. I believe that every homeowner deserves to be treated Right! And that includes getting FREE Estimates, Fair Prices, knowledgeable Salespeople, Honest Measuring and Qualified Installation! See Who I Recommend Near You!



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