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Best Carpet Prices

By Alan Fletcher - Carpet Expert and Consumer Advocate


Where to find the Best Carpet Prices


The overall price of carpet is based on several factors. The most important factor of carpet price is where you buy the carpet. Carpet retailers do not have to sell their products for a specific price, they are free to charge whatever they feel they can get away with. 


Carpet retailers that have higher operational costs must charge more for their carpet, padding and installation than stores who have lower operating costs. This is simple logic, and as a consumer you have to think logically if you want to find a good deal on carpet, padding and installation. 


If a carpet retailer is located in an newer upscale neighborhood or high rent area your carpet price may be higher than if you shop at a carpet store that is located in an older neighborhood or in a lower rent area. 


But this is just a little tidbit of information on saving money on carpet. If you want to rest of the story you need to read all the pages of my website. 


If you really want a great deal on carpet and want to avoid the common carpet scams you need to take advantage of my 30-years of experience in the carpet business. 


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