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Looking for Cheap or Inexpensive Carpet?

By Alan Fletcher - Carpet Expert and Consumer Advocate


"You don't want cheap carpet!  

You especially don't want carpet that's cheaply made!  

What you want is a great price on good quality carpet!"


I don't sell carpet, I don't sell pad and I don't install carpet anymore. I used to when I was younger, but now I am retired and decided to become a consumer advocate back in 1998. 


My goal is to help consumers get a fair and square deal on carpet, padding and installation. It sounds like an easy thing to do but let me tell you, it's not. even the most educated consumers are falling prey to the common, and not so common retail carpet scams. What is a retail carpet scam you ask? There are dozens of ways a consumer can be duped. 


Here are a few common carpet scams:


1. It's where the consumer does not get a carpet that lasts as long as they hope. The wrong fiber, the wrong density, the wrong face-weight and so on....


2. It's where a consumer pays way too much for carpet, pad or installation. If you don't know what to pay, they will charge you prices that are out of this world! You will be ripped off and may not even know it!


3. It's where a consumer gets a lousy installation job and the carpet develops wrinkles and loses half of it's intended lifespan. Bad installation is so common. You absolutely need to learn how to avoid this common carpet nightmare! 


4. It's where a consumer is sold a carpet that cannot meet their needs and lifestyle and it wears out prematurely. Too much foot traffic, kids and pets and not enough carpet quality translates into a carpet that wears out in a hurry! Strike three you lose!


5. It's where a consumer pays top dollar for inferior or second grade products. Try to save money and end up with a carpet that will let you down in short order.


There are dozens more ways for any consumer to get ripped off. Don't be a victim of cheap carpet. Buy carpet wisely! If you buy a carpet and are not happy it's performance, good luck trying to get your money back. Good luck trying to get your carpet replaced. It doesn't happen very often. In most cases, your claim will be denied. They will either blame you for abusing the carpet or blame the installer for installing it improperly. 


The installer's warranty is usually for one year and even if you call him back, he will usually tell you that your carpet is defective and you should make a claim with the manufacturer. So where does that leave you? Stuck with a crappy carpet that looks horrible. 


The only way you can be happy with your next carpet purchase is to know what carpet to buy, and how much you ought to pay for it. I can help!






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