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How to Choose the Right Carpet

By Alan Fletcher - Carpet Expert and Consumer Advocate


New Carpet prices have increased dramatically in the past few years making it a major homeowner expense. In order to save money and get the job done right the first time you need to make wise and informed choices. 



Otherwise you stand to lose thousands and end up with a carpet that you are unhappy with. In order to be completely satisfied with your carpet purchase you need to consider the following:


  • Appearance - Select a carpet style and color that you like.

  • Quality -Choose a carpet will meet your needs and goals and last as long as you expect.

  • Cost -Select a carpet priced within your budget.

  • Maintenance -Select a carpet that will resist stains and clean easily.

  • Value -Determine if you are getting a fair and square deal.



How do you accomplish all this?

  1. You must learn how to select a carpet that can meet your needs, goals and lifestyle.

  2. You must choose the correct padding type, thickness and density.

  3. You must buy from a reputable carpet dealer with knowledgeable salespeople who will provide good service and reasonable prices.

  4. You must obtain proper carpet installation.  

  5. How to Install Carpet - What consumers need to know



Smart Shoppers Can Save Hundreds.

When buying new carpet, consumers usually get what they pay for as long as they buy from a reputable dealer. Inexpensive carpet & padding is poorly made and is not designed to last very long. But consumers often believe that the higher the cost, the longer a carpet will last. This is not always true The more you spend on carpet the higher your risk of being scammed. 


How much does Carpet Cost?



Selecting the Right Carpet

The Carpet samples you see at the carpet store will all look and feel great when they are new, but once installed in your home and have to endure some foot traffic, you will discover the truth. Some carpets will quickly mat down and look horrible within a year or two, depending on how they are constructed. ]


Appearances are deceiving, you canít tell if a carpet will last a long time just by looking at it or running your hand across the pile surface. You need full access to the carpet specifications and know how to interpret the carpet specifications before you can determine if the carpet in question can meet your needs and goals. These specifications includes the carpet fiber type, tuft twist, pile height, pile density and face-weight.  


Learn about Carpet Fibers

Learn about Carpet Padding

Learn about Carpet Specifications



Where Not To Shop for Carpet

Depending on where you live, you may have limited choices as to where you can conveniently shop for new carpet for your home. In rural areas, there are usually fewer choices and you may need to drive to a more populated area to have more choices and better options. In larger cities there are plenty of carpet retailers to choose from, but not all carpet retailers are reasonably priced. Some cater to high end clientele, and those who have more money than sense.



Bad Carpet Advice

Consumers often rely on the advice of carpet salespeople. But many retailers hire salespeople who are not sufficiently experienced and because they lack fundamental carpet knowledge and experience, consumers donít always get the correct answers necessary to make wise and informed carpet choices. I can provide you with honest and accurate answers to all your carpet buying questions.



Poor Carpet Installation

Another huge problem carpet stores have is finding qualified carpet installers. Installed wrong, your carpet can lose half its life span. It is your responsibility to make sure your carpet is installed correctly. 


You need to know a little bit about how carpet is installed. Why? Because if they do a poor installation job you need to be able to recognize it and take necessary steps to have the problem corrected as quickly as possible. I can tell you all you need to know about carpet installation and what problems to watch out for.



Carpet Private Labeling

Many carpet dealers use private labels to confuse you. They change the style and color names of their carpet samples and place their own labels on them so you canít shop around for the best price. If you find a carpet you like at one store, you can't just call a different carpet store to see what their price would be for the exact same carpet. I can teach you how to overcome private labeling scams and learn how to comparison shop for the best deal. What you need to know about Carpet Comparison



The Carpet Dealer Solution

Finding a fair deal on new carpet is harder than ever because unscrupulous carpet dealers take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. There are still plenty of reputable carpet stores, but you need to know more than just where to shop, you need to know what carpet and pad is right for you. I can help you with all that and help you save a bundle too.



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Alan's Preferred Carpet Dealers


It's hard to find an honest and reputable carpet dealer these days! That's why I have compiled a special list of hand-picked carpet retailers who I believe are reputable, are locally owned,  give free estimates, offer fair prices, have knowledgeable staff, provide honest measuring and hire qualified installers. 

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