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What You Need To Know First...

This is a free Carpet information website for homeowners. I don't sell or install Carpet anymore, I've retired after more than 30 years in the carpet business and now I enjoy helping homeowners make wise and informed Carpet choices. 


There are dozens of Carpet scams and rip-offs homeowners need to watch out for. That's why it's so important that you learn how to choose carpet wisely and only buy from a reputable carpet dealer. 


Honest Carpet Information for Homeowners


Let me bring you up to speed and teach you the carpet buying secrets I've learned over the years that will help you Save Time & Money on your next Carpet purchase. Don't blindly trust what you read elsewhere on the internet. Most of the Carpet information I find online is either wrong or misleading. 

How a Carpet is made plays a huge part in how long it can last and determines its durability level. Every carpet made has it's own unique set of manufacturing specifications that determine the capabilities of that carpet. The most popular carpet fibers today are Nylon, Olefin, Polyester, P.E.T., and Sorona. (aka Smartstrand) Each Carpet fiber has its own good and not-so-good qualities, traits and benefits. The secret to choosing the right carpet for your home is to select a grade of carpet that will meet your needs, goals, and lifestyle. 


How long do you want your new carpet to last? This is a very important question you need to answer before you can choose the right carpet for your home. You also need to determine your level of foot traffic so you can select the correct carpet durability. 

Carpet scams are everywhere and it's hard to avoid them! Even if you do, you still need to choose your carpet wisely, select the right padding, have your carpet installed properly, get a reasonable price AND maintain your carpet within the strict guidelines of the manufacturer's carpet warranty. Unscrupulous carpet retailers often sell defective or second grade materials and hire unqualified carpet installers. 

Everyone wants to know about Stainmaster and Smartstrand Carpet Prices and although these are just two of the many quality carpet types on the market, Stainmaster and Mohawk do a lot of national advertising and their carpet prices are typically a bit higher as a result of that. Lowe's now carries Stainmaster carpet and their prices are difficult to compare with locally owned carpet retailers because they use private labels to prevent you from comparison shopping. Read more about Carpet prices


Homeowners Be On Guard! There are plenty of unscrupulous Shop-at-home Carpet Retailers who are hoping for the chance to take advantage of you. Some advertise heavily on TV. They want to scam you out of your hard-earned money by selling you a low-quality carpet at a high price. They don't care if your new carpet meets your needs or goals, they  care about making as much profit as possible. 


Choosing New Carpet wisely and saving the most money possible requires that you learn a few important facts. So before you begin shopping for Carpet you need to learn a few things about how Carpet is made and a little bit about padding and installation too. I've posted dozens of web pages here for you to read and learn from, and it's all totally free. 


The Problem: It can be quite difficult for homeowners to tell the difference between a cheaply made carpet and a well-made carpet. You can't always tell just by looking at the carpet or by feeling the top surface of the carpet. You must have unfettered access to the four main Carpet Specifications to determine if the carpet has sufficient quality to meet your needs, goals and lifestyle. Read more about Carpet Fibers


Unfortunately, unscrupulous carpet retailers often remove, alter or hide Carpet Specifications so you don't have complete access to them. Without complete access to the carpet specifications you cannot determine if the carpet is capable of tolerating your level of foot traffic for the length of time you require. Read more about Carpet Comparison


Did you know? You should never choose a carpet based solely on the warranty. Most carpet warranties are practically worthless. Manufacturers know how to word them to make it nearly impossible to make a valid claim. And even if you do, they usually just give you a small in-store credit and leave you holding the bag for any additional replacement expenses! Read more about the Cost to Buy Carpet


Featured Article: When is the Best Time to Buy New Carpet?


Carpet Buying Q & A

Read Over 200 Common Carpet Questions & Answers


Page 1      Over 200 Carpet Questions & Answers

Page 2      How visible should Carpet Seams be?

Page 3      Can I "Haggle" with Carpet Retailers?

Page 4      Does face-weight have any bearing on the quality of a Carpet?

Page 5      What's the best Carpet for high traffic areas?

Page 6      Should I buy Berber Carpet if I have pets?

Page 7      My Carpet is matting down, what should I do now?

Page 8      What do you think about Empire Today?

Page 9      How do I select a durable, long-lasting Carpet? 

Page 10    Should I buy Carpet from Home Depot or Lowe's?

Carpet Cost:  Stainmaster® Carpet Prices



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It's getting harder to find a reputable Carpet Dealer! That's why I've spent countless hours building my special hand-picked list of locally-owned Carpet Dealers nationwide. I believe that every homeowner deserves to be treated Right! And that includes getting FREE Estimates, Low Prices, knowledgeable Salespeople, Honest Measuring and Qualified Installation! See Who I Recommend Near You!


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